Policy # A.7: Revised: May 24, 2004




The Department of Parks and Community Services has adopted a planning process involving the "Design Team" concept for department facility project planning, design and development. The following process has been developed to guide and define the Design Team Process.




It is the policy of the Department of Parks and Community Services to use a "Design Team" concept for park and facility project planning, design and development. Although this process may seem somewhat complex, it has been designed to permit necessary public access and input into the process, balanced by budget and other considerations of the owner, operator(s), and end user(s) of the facility/project. When upgrades, plan changes, or other project modifications can be made at the design paper stage, rather than having to field modify the facility/project during construction,- or after opening, it saves the department significant time and fiscal resources. It also helps guarantee a superior end-product that will meet the needs of owners, operators and the public for many years to come. Since the department's construction agent is the Department of Real Property Management, all participants in the design process will strive for mutual cooperation between the Department of Parks and Community Services and Real Property Management to ensure the best possible outcome.




Design Team appointments are specific and unique to each project under consideration. Each Team should generally include a representative from each of the following areas:


Parks and Community Services:

Park Planning Division

Fiscal Services Unit

Park Maintenance Division

Recreation and/or Cultural Division

Park Police


Real Property Management:

Architectural/Engineering Division



Citizen Representative:

A representative should be chosen from the community, town board, or a specific interest group the project is intended to serve. This citizen shall act as a spokesperson for the represented group and shall serve as the liaison between the Design Team and the represented group.



The following process has been developed to generally guide and define the Design Team:


        The Department Director will authorize and charter each Design Team.


        The Design Team Leader will be responsible to schedule team meetings and ensure coordination with other departments, agencies and the public.


        The first meeting of the Design Team will be utilized to define the scope, parameters and limitations of the project, budget, schedule of design and construction and to provide guidance and direction to the project consultant.


        Subsequent meetings of the design team will generally be scheduled to review and evaluate the work of the project consultant. The consultant shall attend all meetings and shall present the project work for critique and evaluation. The Design Team will provide comments, direction and approval to the consultant for the next phase of the work to be accomplished.


        Conduct at least one public design workshop to solicit community input. Two public design workshops during the course of the project are preferred.


        Review concepts and draft designs with the respective commissioner prior to finalizing the plan.


        Generally, design team meetings will be required as follows:

o       Prepare project scope as designed above.

o       Make recommendations regarding artists and specialized consultants to incorporate cultural, artistic and historical elements to park design.

o       Review project schematics and design concepts.

o       Review of project preliminary drawings (including proposed details and room finishes when applicable), with a list of the redlined modifications and corrections to be incorporated in the revised plans.

o       Engage the public and solicit input and feedback.

o       Review of revised plans and specifications for final revision, prior to beginning the bidding phase of the project.


NOTE: Meeting schedules will be modified as required, based upon the complexity or the progress of the project.




The Director of the Department of Parks and Community Services reviews and comments
on construction drawings at 50% and 95% completion. The Director also gives final
approval and signs off on completed construction drawings before any project goes to bid.




Project Development Agreement between the Department of Parks and Community Services and the Department of Real Property Management of April 8, 2004 (See Attached).








Design Process Flow Chart (See Attached).


See attached file Park and Recreation Design Process