Spring Valley Town Advisory Board



TUESDAY,  JANUARY 27, 2015– 6:30 PM






John Catlett

Dee Gatliff, Vice Chair

John Getter, Chair

Darby Johnson, Jr.

Angie Heath Younce

Mike Shannon, Town Liaison (702) 455-8338

Diana Morton, Secretary (702) 254-8413


I.                    CALL TO ORDER

II.                 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE


A.     Conformance with the Nevada Open Meeting Law

B.     Meeting Guidelines

C.     Approval of Agenda Posted, Including Any Deletions or Corrections

D.     Approval of Minutes of January 13, 2015

E.      Liaison/County Staff Business None

F.      ACTION ITEM: Adopt the 2015-2016 BYLAWS Approved 5-0

G.     Approve the 2015 Meeting Schedule  Approved 5-0


V.        TOWN BOARD INPUT Request CCPRO look at SW corner of Durango and Flamingo for Monster Trucks being used as possible illegal signage


Possible action to be taken on the following applications:



VIII.     Set next meeting date   Tuesday, February 10, 20156:30 PM

IX.       Adjournment




02/17/15 PC


1.                   WS-0466-13 (ET-0159-14) – allied building materials, inc: (6085 S. Decatur)

WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS FIRST EXTENSION OF TIME to complete a reduction in setbacks for existing accessory structures in conjunction with a masonry and precast concrete manufacturing facility with outside storage.

DESIGN REVIEW for existing accessory shade structures on 8.4 acres in an M-1 (Light Manufacturing) (AE-60) (AE-65) Zone in the CMA Design Overlay District.  Generally located on the northwest corner of Patrick Lane and Decatur Boulevard within Spring Valley.  SS/co/ml  (For possible action)

Approved 5-0 with staff conditions


2.                   UC-1010-14 – AMERICAN MANAGEMENT INVESTMENT, LLC: (3400 So. Jones #5B)

USE PERMIT to allow on-premise consumption of alcohol (service bar) in conjunction with a restaurant on a portion of 2.1 acres in a C-1 (Local Business) Zone.  Generally located on the east side of Jones Boulevard, 300 feet south of Desert Inn Road within Spring Valley.  sb/pb/ml  (For possible action)

Approved 5-0 with staff conditions


3.                   UC-1011-14 – SAHARA PALM PLAZA, LLC: (7885 W. Sahara)

USE PERMIT to allow a tattoo shop not incidental to a beauty salon within a portion of an existing shopping center on 1.3 acres in a C-1 (Local Business) Zone in the MUD-3 Overlay District.  Generally located on the east side of Miller Lane, 190 feet south of Sahara Avenue within Spring Valley.  SB/jt/ml  (For possible action)

Applicant did not appear. Held to 2-10-15 agenda


4.                   WS-1000-14 – STORYBOOK LAND HOLDINGS, LLC: (5626 Iron Rock Dr.)

WAIVERS OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS for the following: 1) reduced setback from the side (corner) property line; and 2) reduced setback from a right-of-way for a proposed single family residence on 0.1 acres in an R-2 (Medium Density Residential) Zone.  Generally located on the southeast corner of Iron Rock Drive and Birdwell Creek Drive, 475 feet north of Russell Road within Spring Valley.  SB/rk/ml  (For possible action)

            Approved 5-0 with staff conditions


02/04/15 BCC


5.                   WS-0989-14 – ONE NEVADA CREDIT UNION:

WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to allow an attached sidewalk along Durango Drive in conjunction with a proposed office building.

WAIVER OF CONDITIONS of a zone change (ZC-0963-08) requiring providing amenities in the pedestrian realms, such as but not limited to benches, decorative lighting, bike racks, etc.

DESIGN REVIEW for an office building on 1.8 acres in a C-1 (Local Business) Zone in the CMA Design and MUD-3 Overlay Districts.  Generally located on the southwest corner of Spanish Ridge Avenue and Durango Drive within Spring Valley.  SB /mk/ml  (For possible action)

Approved Design Review, Deny Waiver of Development Standards and Deny waiver of Conditions 5-0             Members expressed the desire to adhere to standards to improve the overall appearance and pedestrian friendly amenities per policy.02/18/15 BCC


6.                   UC-0664-12 (ET-0158-14) – THE Howard hughes CORP., ET AL:

USE PERMIT FIRST EXTENSION OF TIME to commence and review a future expansion to a private recreational facility (water park) and allow a temporary parking lot in conjunction with a private recreational facility.

VARIANCE to allow a temporary parking lot have a semi-permanent surface instead of asphalt or concrete.

WAIVER to defer full off-site improvements (Maule Avenue) on 41.2 acres in an R-E (Rural Estates Residential) P-C (Planned Community Overlay District) Zone within Village 16A in the Summerlin South Master Planned Community.  Generally located on the south side of Maule Avenue, 1,300 feet west of Fort Apache Road within Summerlin South and the Spring Valley Planning Area.  SB/jvm/ml  (For possible action)

Applicant did not appear. Item moved to 2-10-15 agenda


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John Getter