Below please find the results of the Enterprise TAB held on March 28.  Following, I have updated status on Decatur Express, Richmond American's Waiver of Noise Standards, R. I. Heritage Inn of Flint, Inc, Accomando, Inc, and the update to the Enterprise Master Land Use Plan. 

WEDNESDAY, 6:30 P.M., MARCH 28, 2007

RECOMMENDATION* by the TAB that the intersection at Durango and Gomer have a traffic signal, flashing lights and/or a crosswalk with a guard for the protection of the children that attend the elementary school at this location.  This item was held for the 11 April 2007 meeting.  The county staff had not commented on this proposal.

The utility poles in the right-of-way along Valley View, north of Warm Springs, are waiting for NV Power to secure the easements to move them.

04/03/07 PC

5. VS-0199-07 – OMEGA DEVEOPMENT, LLC:   TAB Approved.  Item 19 on the PC Agenda. 

6. VS-0210 -07 – CM LAND, LLC:   TAB Approved.  Item 21 on the PC Agenda.

7.      WS-0190-07 – PRESIDING BISHOP L D S CHURCH:   TAB Approved per staff recommendations.  Item 23 on the PC Agenda. 

a.      WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to permit alternative landscaping.

04/04/07 BCC
10. WS-0224-07 – ME-BUFFALO, LLC: TAB Approved.  Item 18 on the BCC Agenda (consent). 


PC on April 3
CP-1511-06 Amendment to the Enterprise Master Land Use Plan:   This item is HELD until the April 19, 2007 PC meeting.

BCC on April 4
BCC Item 11: UC-0130-05 (ET-0028-07) R. I. Heritage Inn of Flint, Inc:  This item will be HEARD on April 4, 2007.  It is on the Consent Agenda, but SWAN will have it heard separately.  Bring your documentation: we are going to need it. 

BCC Item 28: ZC-1531-06 Decatur Express LLC:  This item will be HELD per the applicant to work with area residents. 
BCC Item 39: WS-0089-06, Accomando, Inc:  This item will be HEARD: it was denied by the TAB, approved by the PC, and appealed to the BCC due to the requested waivers. 

Susan Ivy Allen