To all residents in the Southwest Area; It is very apparent that there is a significant traffic problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The speed limit on West Wigwam is 35 mph and on any one of the side streets 25 mph. There are many children and no sidewalks.  People ride horses, walk their dogs, and ride bicycles on these streets. Daily, especially in the early mornings between 5:30 am & 8:00 am and in the evenings between 4:30 pm & 7:00 pm, there are many vehicles traveling up and down West Wigwam at speeds in excess of 60 to 90 mph and on the side streets in excess of 45 to 50 mph.  There are many heavy dump trucks using these roads as well.  According to NHP these trucks are not permitted by law to be utilizing residential streets as a travel route and many of the side streets are actually restricted. The only way to get these dangerous problems addressed is ask for police service/patrol from Metro and NHP to stop it. Please call the Southwest Sub Station at 828-2843 and ask for police service, as well call NHP at 486-4100 and ask for commercial enforcement service. You will see it will be addressed quickly, but we need everyone to call, not just one or two. please make the call.  

The above information applies to roads in all areas of the Southwest (not just the area around Rainbow/Wigwam).   If you are in an RNP or suburban area and see inappropriate traffic/driving, call and make a report.  We need a lot of calls though, so post the numbers and keep them handy. 

Enterprise Town Advisory Board


PUBLIC COMMENTS:   The comment was made about the dust being created on a 600 ft section of Pebble West at Arville.  When the traffic backs up on Blue Diamond, Pebble becomes an alternate route.  Mike Shannon, the Enterprise Liaison, will look into the matter and comment back to the Town Board. 

The Public Response Office provides code enforcement for all of unincorporated Clark County.  Code Enforcement specialists follow up on citizen complaints regarding Neighborhood Code violations including but not limited to: illegal storage of vehicles, unkempt properties, lot usage and illegal sign placement.

1. Fill out the online at:
2. Call or FAX:  Phone: (702) 455-4191 Fax: (702) 455-2080     
03/20/07 PC

1.      WS-0118-05 (ET-0045-07) – RANCHO DESTINO ESTATES, LLC:   TAB Approved

2.      UC-0148-07 – LASWELL INVESTMENT TRUST:   TAB approved with 1 yr review

3.      UC-0166-07 – BLUE DIAMOND MARKET PLACE, LLC:    TAB approved Waiver of development standards #2, and denied #1

4.      VS-0005-07 – JSAH, LLC:   TAB Approved

5.      VS-0119-07 – JONES & ARBY 2007, LLC:   Held for 30 days with the consent of the applicant

6.      VS-0122-07 – REALIZED GAINS, LLC:   TAB Approved


8.      VS-0158-07 – TURNBERRY CENTRA SUB, LLC:   TAB Approved

9.      WS-0147-07 – ELEGADO, ESTRELLA:   TAB Approved

10.     WS-0182-07 – SUNRIDGE 26, LLC, ET AL:   TAB Approved

11.     UC-0130-05 (ET-0028-07) – R. I. HERITAGE INN OF FLINT, INC:   TAB denied

12.     VS-1032-04 (ET-0006-07) – L H VENTURES, LLC:   TAB Approved

13.     ZC-0090-04 (ET-0031-07) – SV LAND, LLC:  TAB Approved

14.     ZC-0758-05 (WC-0043-07) – RICHMOND AMERICAN HOMES:  TAB denied

15.     WS-0179-07 – EAGLE RAINBOW CENTER. LLC:  TAB Approved: Applicant withdrew Design Review # 2

NEXT MEETING DATE: March 28, 2007 (Wednesday) 6:30 p.m.