The following document includes the results of the Enterprise TAB held on April 11.  A list of ongoing (holdover) items is provided at the end, and the reviewing authority is identified.   Please note that the Planning Commission only meets on April 19 (Thursday) of this week. 

Enterprise Town Advisory Board

Results for     April 11, 2007


  1. The new portion of Dean Marin Dr. south Blue Diamond Rd is scheduled to open by 25 Apr 2007.  The hold up was the county requirement for a longer signal arm which is in short supply.
  2. The South Point will have its driveway named South Point Drive.  The name conflict cited by the county staff is in Laughlin and does not present a conflict for emergency response.

RECOMMENDATION* by the TAB that the intersection at Durango and Gomer have a traffic signal, flashing lights and/or a crosswalk with a guard for the protection of the children that attend the William Wright Elementary school near this location. Held until 25 Apr meeting.

04/18/07 BCC
1.      NZC-1839-03 (ET-0065-07) – OMNI FAMILY, LP:   TAB Approved per staff. BCC item 9.

2.      NZC-1866-03 (ET-0067-07) – TURNBERRY/CENTRA SUB, LLC:   TAB Approved.  BCC item 10. 

3.      UC-0027-05 (ET-0077-07) – MERCURY DEVELOPMENT, LLC:   TAB Approved per staff. BCC item 12.

4.      UC-0277-05 (ET-0074-07) – WINDMILL GILES, LLC:   No applicant, TAB requested the item be returned when the applicant is available.  BCC item 13.

5.      ZC-0101-01 (ET-0063-07) – OMNI FAMILY, LP:   TAB Approved.  BCC item 15. 

6.      UC-0258-07 – DGRE, LLC:   TAB Approved. BCC item 19. 

7.      UC-0259-07 – GOFF FAMILY TRUST DATED FEBRUARY 3, 1998:   TAB No Recommendation, the TAB vote was 2 to 2. BCC item 20.

8.      WS-0254-07 – DIAMOND PLAVID. LLC:   TAB Approved with conditions.  BCC item 39. 
        All lighting to be downcast: Hours of operation 7 am to 6 pm: no commercial vehicles: no block wall on west side: 1 yr review

9.      ZC-0279-07 – DURANGO SQUARE. LLC:   TAB denied 3 to 1:  Recommended CP zoning.  BCC item 33. 

04/19/07 PC
10.     DR-0291-07 - GARY-VEGAS. LLC:   TAB Approved:  Companion item # 14 Approved.  PC item 33.

11.     VS-0260-07 – ME-BUFFALO. LLC:   TAB Approved. PC Item 26.

12.     VS-0264-07 – AMERICAN CHILD CARE PROPERTIES. LLC:  TAB Approved. PC item 28.

13.     VS-0277-07 – LYNCH. JAMES:   TAB Approved.  PC item 31. 

14.     VS-0288-07 – GARY-VEGAS. LLC:   TAB Approved:  Companion item # 10. PC item 32.

15.     WS-0280-07 – VAZQUEZ. GUILLERMO:   TAB Approved.  PC Item 31. 

NEXT MEETING DATE:   April 25, 2007 (Wednesday) 6:30 p.m.

Held again for two more weeks.

ITEM 48: CP-1511-06 HOLDOVER
This is the annual update to the Enterprise Land Use Master Plan.  It was not properly noticed prior to the TAB, so the hearing was delayed. 

Susan Ivy Allen