Below please find the results of the May 30, 2007 TAB.  As usual, they are organized by date and reviewing authority.  The Planning Commission (PC) will review their items on June 6 starting at 7  pm.  The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) will review their items on June 7 starting at 9 am.  The PC or BCC item numbers are included.

Enterprise Town Advisory Board

Date:   May 30, 2007


        DR-0272-07 – S & MM INVESTMENTS:   Held: No applicant (second time).

06/05/07 PC

1.      UC-0412-04 (ET-0115-07) – SILVERADO CENTER, LLC:   Held: No applicant.  PC item 7. 

2,      UC-0437-07 NEVADA POWER:   TAB Approved: Per Staff recommendations.  PC item 22.

3.      UC-0442-07 OLYMPIA GROUP:   TAB approved: with 4 year review.  PC item 23. 

4.      VS-0380-07 MOUNTAIN'S EDGE: TAB Approved.  PC Item 25.

5,      WS-0401-07 TRINIDAD, BEN & LINAH: TAB Approved.  PC item 27. 

6.      WS-0409-07 – PRINCE DEVELOPMENT, LLC:   TAB Denied.  PC item 28. 

06/06/07 BCC

7.      DR-0355-07–SUNSET BEACH GIRLS, LLC:   TAB Approved: With the condition that the outside lighting source not be visible from outside the property.  BCC item 4.

8.      WS-1253-06 (ET-0107-07) SILVER CREEK I, LLC:   Held: No applicant.  BCC item 19. 

9.      UC-0363-07 MAJESTIC NEVADA, INC:   TAB Approved: per staff conditions.  BCC item 20. 

10.     UC-0460-07 – GOFF FAMILY TRUST: TAB Denied.  BCC item 24.

11,     VC-0418-07 – ASTORIA AUGUSTA, LLC:   TAB approved: per staff conditions.  BCC item 26. 

12.     WS-0429-07 ARDEN INDUSTRIAL PARK, LLC:   Held for one month: This hold was requested by the applicant.   BCC item 54. 

13.     WT-0423-07 AMERICAN WEST DEVELOPMENT:   TAB Approved.  BCC item 32. 

14.     WT-0419-07 OLYMPIA GROUP, LLC:   TAB Approved: per staff conditions.  BCC item 27. 

15.     ZC-0452-07 – BLUE DIAMOND CAPITAL GROUP LLC, ET AL: TAB Approved Zone Change:   Denied Waiver of Development Standards and Design Review.  BCC item 47.

NEXT MEETING DATE:    `June 13, 2007 (Wednesday) 6:30 p.m.
Location: Enterprise Library, 25 S. Shelbourne Ave

Susan Ivy Allen