The following items were heard at the Enterprise TAB on June 13.  They include the TAB recommendations, PC decisions/recommendations, and BCC decisions when available.  Holdover and miscellaneous items are included at the end.  This information is also available on the SWAN web site,

Enterprise Town Advisory Board Results

Updated Items from June 13, 2007

The Board discussed setting a Special Meeting date to discuss title 30 and related matters.  This date will be set at the next TAB meeting when times for the meeting room at the Enterprise library are available.

06/19/07 PC

1.      DR-0605-05 (ET-0138-07) – RAINBOW RAIN, LLC:   TAB Held:   No Applicant.  PC item 4, returned to the TAB. 

2.      UC-0468-03 (ET-0132-07) – CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL, INC:      TAB Held:   No Applicant.  PC item 5, returned to the TAB.

3.      UC-1967-05 (ET-0124-07) - CHURCH INTERNATIONAL FOURSQUARE:      TAB Held:   No Applicant.  PC item 9, returned to the TAB.

4.      WS-0735-05 (ET-0136-07) - GRAPHICSLAND, LTD, ET AL:   TAB Approved.   PC Approved as item 14. 

5,      NZC-0499-07 – GOLDEN LANTERN INVESTMENTS, LLC:     TAB Approved: with the condition that rural road standards be used on Agate on a schedule negotiated with the county.  Companion TAB item #17.  PC item 53.  Companion PC item 54.  PC approved project: will have to research status of offsites on Agate.  Also, this item moves to the BCC in 30 days so the PC recommendation is not final.  We need to make sure that the TAB recommendations regarding offsites are followed.

6.      UC-1781-06 – CHURCH GOOD SAMARITAN LUTHERAN:   TAB Approved: 4 to 1, with the condition of no bus service to the day care.  PC item 16: approved with the following condition of development: no access onto Gagnier, redesign site so all access flows to Windmill. 

7.      UC-0200-07 – SUNSET III, LLC: TAB Approved: Per Staff Recommendations.  PC item 18, approved per staff. 

8.      UC-0491-07 – RAINBOW ROBINDALE PLAZA, LLC:   TAB Approved.  PC item 24, also approved. 

9.      UC-0502-07 – SILVERADO RANCH BLDG G, LLC:   TAB Denied: 4 to 1.  PC item 26, approved. 

10.     UC-0520-07 – PIONEER DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC:   TAB Denied.  PC item 27, approved. 

11.     UC-0533-07 – FORD-CONQUISTADOR, LLC:   TAB Approved.  PC item 49, recommendation unknown.  

12.     UC-0553-07 – ARUNCHO, BENEDICTO:   TAB Denied. PC item 31, PC approved.  If we want to challenge this we will have to appeal to the BCC.

13.     VC-0510-07 – PROMONTORY POINT 4, INC:   TAB Denied PC item 32.  PC approved: this will have to be appealed if someone wants to challenge the  ruling.

14.     VC-0513-07 – KENSINGTON 1, INC. ET AL:   TAB Approved.  PC item 33: approved. 

15.     VS-0463-07 – MOORE, THOMAS & JAMIE, ET AL:   TAB Approved.  PC item 34, approved. 

16.     VS-0477-07 – GAMING GUARANTY. LLC:   TAB Approved. PC item 36, approved. 

17.     VS-0497-07 – GOLDEN LANTERN INVESTMENTS. LLC:   TAB Approved: Companion to TAB item #5.  PC item 54, approved.

18.     VS-0503-07 – GOFF FAMILY TRUST:   Withdrawn by the applicant without prejudice.

19.     VS-0504-07 – GOFF FAMILY TRUST:   TAB Approved. PC item 38, approved.

20.     VS-0514-07 – CARMINE & ANN VENTO REVOCABLE FAMILY TRUST:   TAB Approved: Per staff conditions.  PC item 39, approved. 

21.     VS-0543-07 – WESLEY FAMILY TRUST. ET AL:   TAB Approved: with the condition that the Oleta alignment provide access to Buffalo.  PC item 51, approved with the condition that the Oleta alignment provide access to Buffalo. 


22.     VS-0548-07 – CACTUS HILLS. LLC:   TAB Approved.  PC item 40, approved. 

23.     DR-0272-07 (WC-0155-07) – S & M M INVESTMENTS. LLC:   TAB Approved.  PC item 41, approved. 

24.      WS-0532-07 – LAND DEVELOPMENT:   TAB Approved.  PC item 44, approved. 

25.     WS-0535-07 – B.D.R. INDUSTRIAL:   TAB Approved.  PC item 45, approved. 

26.     ZC-1779-06 – DANVILLE LAND INVESTMENTS, LLC:   Indefinite hold by the applicant. 


27.     NZC-1153-03 (ET-0119-07) – HUDGENS, RICHARD:   TAB Approved

28.     UC-0391-05 (ET-0140-07) – TURNBERRY/CENTRA SUB, LLC:   TAB Approved

29.     UC-2093-04 (ET-0139-07) – LEI, LI CHUN & O’NEILL, KIM T:   TAB Approved

30.     VC-0554-07 – SHELBORNE PLAZA, LLC:   TAB Denied: Companion item #33

31.     VS-0500-07 – DESERT WESTWIND TRUST 2004:   TAB Approved: Companion item # 35: with the condition of no street lights

32.     VS-0516-07 – VALLEY CACTUS. LLC:   TAB Approved: Companion item # 37

33.     ZC-0221-03 (WC-0145-07) – SHELBORNE PLAZA. LLC:   TAB Denied: Companion item # 30

34.      WS-0468-07 – PACIFIC MONARCH RESORTS:   TAB Approved

35.     ZC-0496-07 – DESERT WESTWIND TRUST 2004:   TAB Approved: Companion item #31

36.     ZC-0530-07 – DECATUR-FRIAS. LLC:   TAB held: No applicant

37.     ZC-0515-07 - VALLEY CACTUS. LLC & LEE KHEANG CHANG REVOCABLE TRUST:   TAB Approved: Companion item # 32

38.     ZC-0555-07 – G & H DEVELOPMENT:   TAB held: No applicant

NEXT MEETING DATE:     June 27, 2007 (Wednesday) 6:30 p.m.

Location: Enterprise Library, 25 S. Shelbourne Ave

Susan Ivy Allen