February 15, 2012


The ATTACHMENT A items will be heard on the following dates:


Planning Commission 7:00 P.M., Tuesday, March 6, 2012.

Board of County Commissioners 9:00 A.M., Wednesday, March 7, 2012.


HOLDOVER/RETURNED APPLICATIONS will be heard on the date in the applications header.


The PC decisions/recommendations may be appealed to the BCC within five business days of the date of the PC hearing.  Appeal form is found at:


 Clark County Appeal Form


An appeal may be made in person at the Current Planning desk or by fax (702-455-3271).  Call Current Planning (455-4314) to find out how to file an appeal.  Help in filling an appeal may be obtained from the Southwest Action Network (SWAN).  You can contact SWAN at:


702-837-0244 · 702-837-0255 (fax)
email:   swan@lvswan.org


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1.Approve the Minutes for the meeting held on February 1, 2012.           APPROVED

2.Approve the Agenda with any corrections, deletions or changes.        APPROVED

Items H-1 is held by the applicant to Feb 29, 2012

Item # 7 to be heard after item #3



Item H-1, VS-1372-04 (WC-0123-11) – RHODES RANCH, GP was held by the applicant for the third time.  The application is on the Spring Valley and Enterprise Tabs’ agendas.  Both TABs will consider hearing this application at their next meeting.  It appears the applicant is not happy with the conditions put forth by Public Works and is trying to modify those conditions prior to any public hearing.






         Mountains Edge Regional Park/Trail Project Phase I Presentation


         The following points were briefed:

·   This is a BLM project in conjunction with Clark County

·   The planned construction is part of the master plan for the regional park

·   15 of 220 acres are to be developed at this time

·   1.5 miles of ADA accessible trail will be built, 12 ft. wide

·   Rest rooms are meant to serve this portion of the park, other rest rooms will be spaced throughout the park

·   Design is approximately 50% complete

·   A Design Review will be presented to the Enterprise TAB this spring.

·   Construction to start this fall

·   Construction finished spring 2013









NEXT MEETING DATE:  February 29, 2012






H-1   VS-1372-04 (WC-0123-11) – RHODES RANCH, GP:

HELD by the applicant until Feb 29, 2012


WAIVERS OF CONDITIONS of a vacation and abandonment requiring the following:


1) applicant to grant and pave an alternate 60 foot wide public right-of-way from Fort Apache Road to Seeliger Street, dedicate right-of-way within 30 days; and

2) no building permits to be issued until the access road is complete


on approximately 52.9 acres in an R-2 (Medium Density Residential) P-C (Planned Community Overlay) Zone in Rhodes Ranch Master Planned Community.  Generally located on the south side of Hidden Mountain Way and the east side of Fort Apache Road within Spring Valley and Enterprise.  SB/rk/xx  (For possible action)


See Public Comments above.




03/06/12 PC


1.            UC-0557-09 (ET-0134-11) – VITRUVIAN PROPERTIES, LLC:

APPROVED per staff condition (3 – 2)

ADD Current Planning condition:

·   Licensed caterer must be used until SNHD approves the kitchen


USE PERMIT THIRD EXTENSION OF TIME to complete and review a recreational facility for private conventions and receptions.




1) Reduced parking;

2) Allow commercial access from local residential streets (Rush Avenue and Schirlls Street); and

3) Reduced access gate setback


on 1.1 acres in an R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone.  Generally located on the southwest corner of Rush Avenue and Schirlls Street within Enterprise.  SB/jt/ml  (For possible action)


The problems encountered with this application are typical when a private residence is converted to commercial use.  The TAB has endorsed the use for weddings, receptions and other social gatherings at this location.  The original application was approved with a number of conditions to reduce the impact on the neighborhood. 


The TAB is very concerned that all necessary permits and licenses have not been obtained since the original PC approval in December, 2009.  There is an active CCPRO violation for operating a banquet and weeding facility without the proper permits.


The applicant’s representative briefed the TAB on the current status of the project which included:

·   The contract manager has been replaced

·   Has directed all the compliance work to be completed in 90 days

·   Due to the $169,000 bond cost for a sewer connection, they will install a commercial septic.

·   Kitchen plans have been submitted


The TAB opinion was split on this application. The positions are below:


Prevailing opinion:

·   There has been substantial work completed toward obtaining compliance

·   The applicant be given until July 1, 2012 to come into compliance

·   This activity employs 30 individuals who should not be put out of work

·   Licensed caterer must be used

Opposed opinion:

·   It has taken too long to obtain the required licenses and permits

·   There are potential hazards to the public

·   Commercial activities should cease until all licenses and permits are obtained.

·   There is an active CCPRO case


2.            VC-0004-12 – STARR STORAGE SYSTEMS, LLC:

APPROVED per staff conditions

ADD Major Projects conditions:

Landscaping to be installed in conjunction with Starr Interchange construction or termination of Starr intersection project.

Landscaping to comply with Southern Highlands landscape standards.


VARIANCE to eliminate street landscaping in conjunction with an existing mini storage facility on 7.4 acres in a C-2 (General Commercial) P-C (Planned Community Overlay District) Zone  in the Southern Highlands Master Planned Community.  Generally located on the southeast corner of Starr Avenue and Dean Martin Drive within Enterprise.  SB/rk/ml  (For possible action)


The applicant indicates that in the future this area of Starr Avenue will be improved with an interchange for Interstate 15. Presently, the street is a dedicated right-of-way with no common elements for landscaping. The applicant further states the interchange will be elevated; therefore, the landscaping would be at a different plane and not necessarily seen from the street frontage.


The TAB wants to insure landscaping, if needed, is put in place when the Starr interchange is built.  The TAB added two conditions to require landscaping be done, if required, in the future.


3.            VS-0022-12 – TSLV, LLC:



VACATE AND ABANDON a portion of right-of-way being Las Vegas Boulevard South located between Sunset Road and Clark County-215 (Beltway) in an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) AE-65 & AE-70 Zone in an MUD-1 Overlay District within Enterprise (description on file).  SS/al/xx  (For possible action)


When entitlements for Town Square were approved, an approval condition required the Las Vegas Boulevard dedication for a 200 foot right-of-way alignment if needed in the future. However, as part of a commercial subdivision map recordation, the property owner erroneously dedicated a 150 foot half section. Consequently, approximately 50 feet of the dedicated area should be vacated as it is not needed for roadway purposes.


4.            WS-0009-12 – COUNTY OF CLARK, ET AL:

APPROVED per staff conditions   See comments for Item #7


WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to allow an overhead communication line on existing utility structures along public rights-of-way being Eastern Avenue, Spencer Street, Helm Avenue, Warm Springs Road, Tamarus Street, Haven Street, Robindale Road, Maulding Avenue, Procyon Street, Badura Avenue, Valley View Boulevard, Oquendo Road, Russell Road, Decatur Boulevard, and Hacienda Avenue adjacent to various uses in an R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone, an R-D (Suburban Estates Residential) Zone, an R-1 (Single Family Residential) (AE-65) Zone, an R-2 (Medium Density Residential) Zone, a C-P (Office & Professional) Zone, a C-1 (Local Business) Zone, a C-1 (Local Business) (AE-60) Zone, a C-2 (General Commercial) Zone, a C-2 (General Commercial) (AE-60, AE-65, AE-70 & AE-75) Zone, M-D (Designed Manufacturing) Zone, an M-D (Designed Manufacturing) (AE-60 & AE-65) Zone, an M-1 (Light Manufacturing) Zone, an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) Zone, P-F (Public Facility) Zone, P-F (Public Facility) (AE-70 & AE-75) Zone, and P-F (Public Facility) (AE-75 & RPZ-2) Zone in the MUD-1, MUD-2 & MUD-4 Overlay Districts.  Generally located between Eastern Avenue and Decatur Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue and Robindale Road within Enterprise and Paradise.  MBS/SS/bk/ml  (For possible action)


The applicant indicates this request is necessary to provide service to customers along the corridor because existing fiber optic lines are at capacity.  New lines are needed to provide reliable service to customers. The request is due to the high costs of underground construction. If approved, the applicant will agree to remove and relocate the overhead lines along this route at such time the County requires all lines to relocate underground.


See the discussion for item #7.


5.            WS-0029-12 – WIGWAM-PARVIN, LP:



WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to increase the height of an existing off-premise sign (billboard) above the height of a sound wall.


DESIGN REVIEW for an off-premise sign (billboard) on a portion of 13.6 acres in an R-3 (Multiple Family Residential) Zone in the MUD-1 Overlay District.  Generally located on the north side of Wigwam Avenue, 920 feet west of Parvin Street within Enterprise.  SS/bk/ml  (For possible action)





WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to increase the height of an existing off-premise sign (billboard) above the height of a sound wall.


DESIGN REVIEW for an off-premise sign (billboard) on a portion of 1.3 acres in a C-2 (General Commercial) Zone in the MUD-1 Overlay District.  Generally located on the southwest corner of Ensworth Street (alignment) and Wigwam Avenue (alignment) within Enterprise.  SS/bk/ml  (For possible action)


03/07/12 BCC


7.      TA-0034-12 – KRISTY C. INCE


TEXT AMENDMENT to amend Chapter 30.52, Section 30.52.060 to allow new utility line attachments to existing or exempt poles.


The applicant is requesting the code be amended to allow the attachment of new utility lines to existing or exempt utility poles without a waiver.  The applicant has requested allowing aerial attachments as long as space and safety requirements are met with the pole owner.  If removal or retirement of utility poles occurs, attachments will be relocated underground.


This item generated considerable discussion between the TAB and the staff.  The key points are:

·   County policy is to move all utilities underground.

·   Underground utilities are very expensive compared to above ground.

·   There are currently 8 exemptions to County standards.

·   Some major players, including NV Energy and the County, are totally exempt

·   Smaller players are required to obtain a waiver

·   Replacement of current utility poles is considered maintenance

·   It is highly unlikely current utility poles will be eliminated due to the current exemptions and policy implementation


The TAB conclusion is the current county policy is full of holes.  The net effect is the small player or a private individual is required to place their utilities underground at a considerable cost not incurred to the exempt players.  Also, the current policy, as it is implemented, will not make significant progress in placing utilities underground.


Until such time as the exemptions are eliminated and all utility lines are required to be placed underground, it not fair to require some individuals to comply and others not.


The TAB supports this TA to eliminate the waiver requirement in the current code.


8.      VS-0032-12 - STARR GILES TRUST, ET AL:        Companion item # 9

         HELD until February 29, 2012 for meeting with adjacent residents


VACATE AND ABANDON portions of rights-of-way being Giles Street, located between Starr Avenue and Terrill Avenue, and Terrill Avenue located between Giles Street and Haven Street (alignment) in an R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone in conjunction with a proposed single family residential development within Enterprise (description on file).  SS/dg/xx  (For possible action)


9.      ZC-0031-12 – STARR GILES TRUST, ET AL:     Companion item # 8

         HELD until February 29, 2012 for meeting with adjacent residents


ZONE CHANGE to reclassify 10.0 acres from R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone to R-1 (Single Family Residential) Zone.




1) over length cul-de-sac; and

2) modified street improvements in accordance with Clark County’s Uniform Standard Drawings.


DESIGN REVIEW for a single family residential development.  Generally located on the north side of Starr Avenue between Giles Street and Haven Street (alignment) within Enterprise (description on file).  SS/dg/ml  (For possible action)


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