March 14, 2012


The ATTACHMENT A items will be heard on the following dates:


Planning Commission 7:00 P.M., Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

Board of County Commissioners 9:00 A.M., Wednesday, April 4, 2012.


HOLDOVER/RETURNED APPLICATIONS will be heard on the date in the applications header.


The PC decisions/recommendations may be appealed to the BCC within five business days of the date of the PC hearing.  Appeal form is found at:


 Clark County Appeal Form


An appeal may be made in person at the Current Planning desk or by fax (702-455-3271).  Call Current Planning (455-4314) to find out how to file an appeal.  Help in filling an appeal may be obtained from the Southwest Action Network (SWAN).  You can contact SWAN at:


702-837-0244 · 702-837-0255 (fax)
email:   swan@lvswan.org


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There are 9 items, so be sure you look through them to find any that affect your neighborhood.  


The applicant’s documents including the request justification submitted by the applicant can be view at:




The application number UC-0399-08 would be entered as 08-399.  The year is entered first.  Then the item number is entered with no leading zeros.  The type of application is not used.




1.  Approve the Minutes for the meeting held on February 29, 2012.    APPROVED

2.  Approve the Agenda with any corrections, deletions or changes.               APPROVED










Discuss and make recommendations to Board of County Commissioners on traffic mitigation within the RNP-1 overlay. (For possible action.)




NEXT MEETING DATE:  March 28, 2012





H-1   VS-1372-04 (WC-0123-11) – RHODES RANCH, GP:

APPROVED per staff conditions with the following:

MODIFY Public Works condition # 4 to read:

·   Alternate access right-of-way to be completed within 180 days of commencement of any construction of a dwelling unit on either parcel 176-17-301-002 or 176-17-301-003 or public lands located east of Seeliger Street, 2 years from the posting of the bond, whichever comes first;

ADD Public Works Condition:

·   Design Review as a public hearing for the alternate access roadway design


WAIVERS OF CONDITIONS of a vacation and abandonment requiring the following:


1) Applicant to grant and pave an alternate 60 foot wide public right-of-way from Fort Apache Road to Seeliger Street, dedicate right-of-way within 30 days; and

2) no building permits to be issued until the access road is complete


on approximately 52.9 acres in an R-2 (Medium Density Residential) P-C (Planned Community Overlay) Zone in Rhodes Ranch Master Planned Community.  Generally located on the south side of Hidden Mountain Way and the east side of Fort Apache Road within Spring Valley and Enterprise.  SB/rk/xx  (For possible action)


There was considerable discussion to ensure the staff conditions and how they affect the area were thoroughly understood.  The following points were discussed and/or clarified:


·   The staff conditions create a definitive time to construct the alternate access road.

·   All the land east of Seeliger must be part of the road construction trigger

·   The Rhodes Ranch Major Project design isolated this area

·   The applicant is responsible to obtain BLM authorization for the alternate access road

·   All the land east of Seeliger would have to be purchased to avoid the isolation of land parcels.

·   The developer is responsible to construct the access road

·   The CCSD wants sidewalk and street lights along the access road.

·   The new alignment place the alternate access road alongside the Blue Diamond Wash


The TAB changed the Public Works condition #4 to add the Public Lands between Seeliger Street to the Blue Diamond Wash to the road construction trigger.  The County has planned this area for Residential Suburban land use.


Two factors resulted in the added condition for a Design Review as a public hearing.

·   The alternate access road is located adjacent to the Blue Diamond Wash

·   CCSD desires sidewalks and street lighting

         The compatibility of lighting and landscaping along the wash should be discussed pubilicly


One unrelated item discussed is CCSD desire for a foot bridge across the Blue Diamond Wash as an access route to the three planned schools south of the wash.  The east and west entrances to Rhodes Ranch student to travel along arterial road to reach the proposed schools.  A route across the wash would provide a safer and shorter route to school.


H-2.  WS-0055-12 – GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP, LLC:                                                             03/20/12 PC

         DENIED the applicant failed to appear or notify the TAB




1) Reduced landscaping adjacent to a collector street;

2) Reduced residential adjacency setback; and

3) Modified design standards.


DESIGN REVIEW for a retail center on 1.7 acres in a C-2 (General Commercial) Zone in the MUD-4 Overlay District.  Generally located on the south side of Pyle Avenue, 225 feet west of Maryland Parkway within Enterprise.  SS/rk/xx  (For possible action)


This was the second time the applicant was a no show without any contact or explanation.  A motion was made to deny the application due to lack of communication with the TAB and being a no show. 


This application has several factors that need to be considered prior approval.


·         The applicants property is significantly lower the residences to the south.

·         The southern boundary wall is a 6 ft. retaining wall and 6 ft. block wall

·         Fill will need to be removed to match properties on the east and west.

·         The drainage pattern on the property to the west is mid property on the east side.

·         Perpetual crosses access with property on the east and west for effective traffic flow

·         How the landscaping will be done on the south boundary

·         Lighting and signage are not part of the application

·         Will a redundant wall be required on the southern boundary


The following conditions needed to be discussed for addition to the application:


·         Design Review as a public hearing for lighting and signage.

·         Design Review for significant changes to plans

·         Drainage study and compliance


The motion was challenged:


·         The standard has been three no shows before the decision to hear the item is made.

·         The motion to deny was made without discussion of the application

·         The applicant’s PC hearing has not occurred (Mar 20, 2012)


Given The lack of contact by the applicant and the number of factors involved in this application it is appropriate to be returned to the TAB or be denied.




04/03/12 PC





VACATE AND ABANDON easements of interest to Clark County located on the southeast corner of Blue Diamond Road and Dean Martin Drive in an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) (AE-60) (AE-65) Zone in the MUD-2 Overlay District within Enterprise (description on file).  SB/co/xx  (For possible action)


2.            VS-0085-12 – GRAGSON-BUFFALO WINDMILL, ET AL:

APPROVED with following:

APPROVE vacate and abandon easements of interest to Clark County located between Buffalo Drive and Moonlight Meadows Street, and between Windmill Lane and Mistral Avenue

APPROVE vacate and abandon a portion of a right-of-way being Mistral Avenue located between Buffalo Drive and Moonlight Meadows Street with the property owner’s permission.


VACATE AND ABANDON easements of interest to Clark County located between Buffalo Drive and Moonlight Meadows Street, and between Windmill Lane and Mistral Avenue, and a portion of a right-of-way being Mistral Avenue located between Buffalo Drive and Moonlight Meadows Street in a C-1 (Local Business) Zone and an R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone within Enterprise (description on file).  SB/dm/xx  (For possible action)


The applicant did not have documentation that the property owner, APN 176-16-501-017, had granted their permission to vacate the Mistral right-of-way.  The applicant stated that anyone could request a vacate and abandon.  The TAB opinion is the property owner should agree to the vacate and abandon.  Some property owners do not want the land back because of the increased property taxes.


The TAB conditioned the right-of-way vacate and abandon approval by requiring the applicant to document the property owner’s agreement.


3.            WS-0070-12 – LENNAR COMMUNITIES NEVADA, LLC:

HELD until March 28 due to the lack of elevations for the design review


WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARD to reduce the corner side setback.


DESIGN REVIEW on common lot elements (pool/cabana and other associated amenities) in conjunction with an approved compact lot single family development on 20.0 acres in an R-3 (Multiple Family Residential) P-C (Planned Community Overlay District) Zone in the Mountain’s Edge Master Planned Community.  Generally located on the east side of Buffalo Drive, 660 feet south of Cactus Avenue within Enterprise.  SB/rk/ml  (For possible action)


04/04/12 BCC


4.            DR-0080-12 – A.R.S.R., LLC:

APPROVED per staff conditions


DESIGN REVIEWS for the following:


1) signs for a restaurant building; and

2) an additional retail space adjacent to an approved restaurant on 0.7 acres


in a C-1 (Local Business) Zone.  Generally located on the southwest corner of Mesa Verde Lane (alignment) and Rainbow Boulevard within Enterprise.  SS/bk/ml  (For possible action)


5.            NZC-0982-04 (WC-0020-12) – HURLEY, STEVE & DONNA:

HELD until March 28, 2012 to confer with the county staff


WAIVER OF CONDITIONS of a non-conforming zone change requiring full off-sites to include paved legal access on 2.0 acres in a C-1 (Local Business) Zone.  Generally located on the north side of Gomer Road, 285 feet east of Fort Apache Road within Enterprise (description on file).  SB/co/xx  (For possible action)


6.            WS-0065-12 – AG/LH MONTEREY RANCH OWNER, LLC:

APPROVED per staff conditions


WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to appeal the administrative denial of an off-site improvement bond extension of time in conjunction with a residential subdivision in an RUD (Residential Urban Density) Zone and an R-3 (Multiple Family Residential) Zone in a P-C (Planned Community Overlay District) Zone in the Mountain’s Edge Master Planned Community.  Generally located on the northeast corner of Buffalo Drive and Erie Avenue within Enterprise.  SB/rk/xx  (For possible action)


7.            ZC-0079-12 – PARDEE HOMES NEVADA:

APPROVED per staff conditions


ZONE CHANGE to reclassify 2.6 acres from R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone to R-2 (Medium Density Residential) Zone for a single family residential development.


WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS for alternative landscaping and screening adjacent to El Capitan Way where landscaping per Figure 30.64-17 is required.  Generally located on the southeast corner of Pebble Road and El Capitan Way within Enterprise (description on file).  SB/al/xx  (For possible action)


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