June 12, 2013


The ATTACHMENT A items will be heard on the following dates:


Planning Commission 7:00 P.M., Tuesday, July 2, 2013.

Board of County Commissioners 9:00 A.M., Wednesday, July 3, 2013.


HOLDOVER/RETURNED APPLICATIONS will be heard on the date in the applications header.


The PC decisions/recommendations may be appealed to the BCC within five business days of the date of the PC hearing.  Appeal form is found at:


 Clark County Appeal Form


An appeal may be made in person at the Current Planning desk or by fax (702-455-3271).  Call Current Planning (455-4314) to find out how to file an appeal.  Help in filling an appeal may be obtained from the Southwest Action Network (SWAN).  You can contact SWAN at:


702-837-0244 · 702-837-0255 (fax)
email:   swan@lvswan.org


Note: If you ctrl+click on the blue underlined text it will take you to the detailed documents to explain the agenda item.




1.  Approve the Minutes for the meeting held on May 29, 2013.  APPROVED


2.  Approve the Agenda with any corrections, deletions or changes. 

APPROVED with the following change:

6.  ZC-0286-13 – DONAL SERIES 3, LLC, ET AL:   Application was withdrawn by the applicant.








07/02/13 PC


1.      UC-0271-13 – RAINBOW 215, LLC:

APPROVED per staff conditions


USE PERMITS for the following:


1) A communication tower; and

2) Reduced setback from a street.


WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to allow an architectural intrusion within the required setback.


DESIGN REVIEW for a communication tower in conjunction with an existing shopping center on 3.3 acres in a C-2 (General Commercial) Zone and a C-2 (General Commercial) (AE-60) Zone in the MUD-3 and CMA Design Overlay Districts.  Generally located on the southeast corner of Rainbow Boulevard and Roy Horn Way within Enterprise.  ss/pb/ml  (For possible action)


2.      UC-0279-13 – DEAN, GLENN G.:

APPROVED per staff conditions and,

ADD Current Planning conditions:

·      Drive aisles to be  Clark County Department of Air Quality approved dust control materials;

·      Trees to be installed along Placid Street on 20 foot centers;

·      Design Review for additional improvements required as a Public Hearing.


TAB suggested the applicant use a coating that resembles stucco on the garage/carport.


USE PERMITS for the following:


1) Allow an accessory structure not architecturally compatible with the principal structure;

2) Allow an accessory structure to exceed one-half the footprint of the principal structure;

3) Allow the cumulative area of all accessory structures to exceed the footprint of the principal structure; and

4) Waive design standards for an accessory structure


In conjunction with an existing single family residence on 2.3 acres in an R-E (Rural Estates Residential) (RNP-I) Zone.  Generally located on the west side of Placid Street, 350 feet south of Mesa Verde Lane within Enterprise.  SS/gc/ml  (For possible action)


This is an older, run down RNP-1 property recently purchased by the applicant.  The proposed 3200 sq. ft. metal garage/carport is located in the rear yard, approximately 25 feet from the west property line and 146 feet from the south property line. The following concerns were expressed during the TAB hearing:


·   The size of the garage/carport

·   Architectural fit into the neighborhood.

·   Future property development

·   Dust control

·   Landscaping buffer

·   Possible use as storage for commercial vehicles and supplies.


The applicant intends to live on the property and improve it over several years.  A decorative block wall has been installed along Placid Street.  The garage/carport is the next step in upgrading the property.  The TAB conditions were added to address the TAB and neighbors’ concerns raised during the discussion. 


Dust is a current problem. The TAB recommendation is the drive isles be an approved dust control material. 


There is no visual breakup of the garage/carport from Placid Street.  The recommendation is trees planted along Placid Street will help buffer the garage/carport size from the street. 


As the property is developed, the condition for a Design Review will help ensure property is compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.


The TAB suggested the applicant use a faux stucco finish coating on the garage/carport to help it blend into the neighborhood.


The applicant denied the property would be used for commercial purposes.


3.      UC-0287-13 – TSLV, LLC:

APPROVE Use Permits 1, 2, & 3 including Game Works;

APPROVE Use Permits 4 and 5 pending resolution of deed restrictions on property.


USE PERMITS for the following: 


1) Recreational facility with dining and on-premise consumption of alcohol, restaurant, and retail sales;

2) Minor training facilities;

3) Major training facilities;

4) Schools; and

5) Colleges/universities


in conjunction with an existing shopping center on 92.8 acres in an H-1 (Limited Resort and Apartment) (AE-65 & AE-70) Zone.  Generally located on the southwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard South and Sunset Road within Enterprise.  SS/al/ml  (For possible action)


The TAB considered all the use permits to be a good fit for Town Square.  The recommendation was divided into two parts due to CMA deed restrictions on the property.  The first three use permits are not deed restricted and can be implemented with application approval.


The last two use permits (schools, colleges/universities) are not allowed, at this time, because of CMA deed restrictions.  The two land uses are considered incompatible near the airport.  Incompatible means uses which potentially expose persons to elevated levels of aircraft generated noise or to areas identified as necessary to protect the safe passage of aircraft or which have been determined by the FAA, the Director of the Department of Aviation, and/or the Airport Height Hazard Board of Adjustment to be hazardous to or incompatible with air navigation.


The airport noise contour lines were evaluated and redrawn several years ago. The area they cover was significantly reduced.  Town Square is now divided between airport two noise areas.  The FAA guidelines would allow schools, colleges/university on part of Town Square.  This raises a legal question on how the deed restrictions should be applied in the less restrictived part of Town Square.  The last two uses cannot go forward until the legal questions are answered.


The link below will take you to a McCarran Airport noise zone map.  This is a large file that may take some time to download.




4.      WS-0273-13 – GRAFIADA, ENRIQUE & KAMI:

APPROVED per staff “if approved” conditions and,

ADD Current Planning condition:

·      Design Review as a Public Hearing for the garage.


WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS to reduce the front setback for an addition (attached garage) to an existing single family residence on 2.2 acres in an R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone.  Generally located on the west side of Gilespie Street, 281 feet north of Pyle Avenue within Enterprise.  ss/pb/ml  (For possible action)


The design review condition was generated by a neighbor’s concern on how the garage would match the house.  The applicant has constructed an observation tower on the property which is objectionable to the neighborhood.


07/03/13 BCC


5.      WS-0277-13 – DJURISIC, DRAGAN:

HELD with the applicant’s agreement to the June 26, 2013 TAB meeting.




1) A reduced setback; and

2) Reduced landscaping.


WAIVER OF CONDITIONS of a waiver of development standards (WS-0493-11) requiring any future development on the parcel will require full off-site improvements.


DESIGN REVIEW for a new metal industrial/warehouse building in conjunction with an existing industrial building and outside storage business on 1.9 acres in an M-1 (Light Manufacturing) Zone in the MUD-2 Overlay District.  Generally located on the south side of Pebble Road and the west side of Bronco Street within Enterprise.  SB/mk/ml (For possible action)


The applicant did not have the required elevations for the design review.


6.      ZC-0286-13 – DONAL SERIES 3, LLC, ET AL:

WITHDRAWN at the board meeting by the applicant.


ZONE CHANGE to reclassify 9.8 acres from R-E (Rural Estates Residential) Zone to R-2 (Medium Density Residential) Zone.


WAIVER OF DEVELOPMENT STANDARDS for modified street standards in accordance with Clark County Uniform Standard Drawings.


DESIGN REVIEW for a single family residential development.  Generally located on the north side of Cactus Avenue, 1,400 feet east of Durango Drive within Enterprise (description on file).  SB/dg/xx  (For possible action)





1.At the next TAB meeting, June 26, 2013, there will be a presentation by various staff on the issue of CMA deed restrictions.  Staff will be from the following departments: the airport, real property management, current planning, and long range planning.

2.Question: is the gateway necessary for Goals and Policies?


NEXT MEETING DATE:  June 26, 2013, 6:00 pm


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