Useful Web Links for Land Use

as of 17 Dec 2016


OpenWeb Info Mapper

·         The search function allows you to find individual Assessor Parcel Number (APN)

·         The display option can show assessor map, Clark County zoning and planned land use

·         The “Select Property” function provides a wealth of information on an APN.

·         Print or export maps for use at meetings


Title 30 Development Code

·         Very Large document that takes some time to navigate

·         30.44 Uses describes the requirements for each use permitted by zone district

·         To rapidly search for an item:

o        Download the complete “Title 30 development Code PDF”

o        Open the File with the current version of “Adobe Reader”

o        Open the Edit Tab and click on “advance search”

o        Enter a key word to be searched for.

o        The left-hand column will display every instance of the key word in the document.

·         The Appendices contain several useful maps


Clark County Code

·         Contains all the Titles in the Clark County Code

·         This site is searchable


Development Services Document Retrieval

·         10 document types are available on this page

·         This site is very useful to research previous approved applications on a property.

·         Land use applications can be searched by application number or Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN).  

Note: application number UC-0399-08 would be entered as 08-399.  The year is entered first.  Then the item number is entered with no leading zeros.

·         The APN can be used to look up history


Comprehensive Planning Pre-Meeting Images

·         Contains the documents submitted by the applicant prior to the TAB hearing

·         The justification provided can be interesting to read.

·         See note above on how to enter the application number.

·         Sometimes this site is not updated prior to the TAB meetings.

·         The TAB secretary may be able to forward the justification letter to you.


Draft Staff Agenda Sheets

·         Contains the Draft Staff Agenda sheets for TAB and CAC meeting.

·         Contains the project description, staff analysis and recommendations.

·         These are not final and may be change before the PC or BCC meetings.

·         The Staff Agenda sheet for holdover items will not be displayed.


TAB/CAC Information

·         Displays information on urban towns.

·         Information on the TAB

·         Meeting documents -  Agenda and Minutes

·         TAB manual link and rural CAC are found on the left side of the web page.


Land Use Plans

·         Contains the current land use plans for each planning area on the lower portion of the page.

·         Useful maps in each land use plan

·         Box on the upper right is a link to the County Comprehensive Plan.


Comprehensive Plan Land Use Policies PRINT VERSION LAND USE ELEMENT

·         The new Urban Land Use policies are contained on pages 5 thru 14.

·         These recently approved policies provide guidance for land use decisions.

·         The policies apply to all the urban towns in the valley.


Comprehensive Plan Transportation Policies

·         Revised Transportation Policies

·         These recently approved policies provide guidance for road vacation decisions.

·         The policies apply to all the urban towns in the valley.




Comprehensive Planning

GIS Map Products List

·         The maps are usually in pdf form that can be downloaded and stored for further use.

·         The GIS Map Products list has the greatest number of maps listed


Notice of Final Action (NOFA)

Planning Commission (PC) and Clark County Zoning  Commission (BCC)

·         Can be used to find the results, including video, of PC and BCC meetings back to April 2007.

·         Need to use all three scroll bars to navigate the page.

·         The search function has been greatly improved.

Note: application number UC-0399-08 would be entered as is.  Not the same as the Development Services Document Retrieval search entry

·         For documents prior to April 2007, you must use Development Services Document Retrieval:   above

·         Can be used to research previous NOFAs

·         Application number can be used to find results

·         Use the “find on this page” In Internet Explorer or “find” in Firefox with town name to quickly find related items