The SouthWest Action Network, SWAN, a non-profit organization, represents several thousand homeowners in greater Las Vegas. For more than a decade, SWAN has collaborated with county leaders and community groups to improve processes and decisions on land use, development and infrastructure that impact community quality of life.

SWAN is committed to:

     If you are concerned about development in your neighborhood you are not alone. For over a decade the SouthWest Action Network has been giving voice to residents like you.

As a member of SWAN, you have:


     SWAN started in 1998 as a small group of friends and neighbors in rural Enterprise. We were concerned with the impact of growth on our area, and joined hands to protect our rural lifestyle. Although a primary focus is still protecting the 13 existing RNP’s in Enterprise, we have broadened our membership to include residents from Paradise, Spring Valley, Mountain’s Edge, Southern Highlands, the Northwest, and other suburban communities. We all drive on the same congested roads, our children all attend the same overcrowded schools, and we all have to wait for police, fire, and emergency medical assistance.

     We are strong because of our numbers, with more than 1000 affiliated households. We are strong because our membership cares about their neighborhoods, the area, and the impact of new growth on existing neighborhoods. Our members are found in all Enterprise Rural Neighborhood Preserves (RNPs) as well as those in Spring Valley, Paradise, the Northwest, and many suburban developments. Members have many different lifestyles, jobs, hobbies, and concerns, including roads/traffic, schools, trails/parks, new developments, and adequate public safety facilities. Our website, email and telephone networks keep everyone informed and involved so that folks know where to go, when to go, and the nature of potential problems. The SWAN Board of Directors meets monthly with meetings open to the public. The 10 Board members represent different areas of the township. They advise, promote actions, and make decisions according to the Bylaws and the consensus of the membership. Members work on different projects each month, then report to the Board for further guidance and help. SWAN meets regularly with developers, County Officials, and local residents to solve issues that effect our SouthWest neighborhoods.

“...SWAN has emerged in recent years as a potent force in helping Clark County make proper land use decisions. I doubt that we could have developed the strong Rural Neighborhood Preserves without the concerted effort of the dedicated members of SWAN... ”
Bruce Woodbury
Former Clark County Commissioner
(Representing most of Enterprise)


     The SWAN Board and long time members have learned how to succeed through many years of trial and error with a lot of perseverance. Members have acquired expertise at deciphering zoning language and working the system. We welcome new members with new skills to improve “our game”. SWAN reviews all Town Advisory Board (TAB) agendas to identify items that may affect our membership. Members are notified via an email network. SWAN members and other interested residents attend the TAB meeting to obtain information and to provide input. We track key issues through the Planning Commission (PC) and/or Board of County Commissioners (BCC). During this process we negotiate with developers to achieve a favorable outcome for everyone whenever possible.

"SWAN has provided valuable input on issues related to development in the Enterprise area.”
Former Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid.


“I have worked closely with members from SWAN on various projects. I have always had a positive experience and I have found them to be reasonable and fair. Because of their involvement, the future of our community will be well served.”
Robert J. Gronauer
Kaempfer Crowell (Attorneys at Law)

SWAN, The Southwest Action Network is a Non-Profit Corporation (IRS # 65-1183495)